crispy mushroom snack, jalapeno

Mushroom Creations / Responsibly Grown

crispy mushroom snack

  • Vegan, vegetarian, soy free, gluten free, non GMO
  • Made from fresh sliced mushrooms
  • Grown on our family farm in Kennett Square, PA
  • Plentiful potassium, Umami Rich, Good Source of Fiber, Low Cholesterol, Enhances Immunity, Clean Antioxidants, Rich in Selenium
Umami is the fifth basic taste after sweet, salty, bitter and sour. Derived from the Japanese word umai, meaning “delicious,” umami (pronounced oo-MAH-mee) is described as a savory, brothy, rich or meaty taste sensation. To scientists, umami indicates a high level of glutamate, an amino acid and building block of protein. To chefs and food lovers, it’s a satisfying sense of deep, complete flavor, balancing savory flavors and full-bodied taste with distinctive qualities of aroma and mouthfeel
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